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European Marketplace ("The Farm by the Sea" tm)

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La Ferme de la Mer is proud to represent the following collections of Laguiole folding knives and tableware. 

How to choose your knives? 

  1. If you insist on the very best of handcraftsmanship, visit AUBRAC

  2. If you are looking for a very reasonable price, and are looking for wonderful steak knives for more daily use, visit NERON. (also great for restaurants, Custom Imprint)

  3. If you are looking for hand-made cutlery with handle materials such as wood and horn, but are not as much of a collector , do not like industrial production, choose DAVID, with its extensive line of products.

Learn All About Laguiole provides very detailed information and history on LAGUIOLE, and will answer any of your questions, address all misunderstandings about the village of Laguiole its world famous knives .

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The Rolls Royce of the hand made Laguiole Knife, including precious folding knives and reproductions of antiques, tableware, and the famous sommelier cork screw from Aubrac

The owner of the Calmels shop on the Village Square of Laguiole, where it all begun, G. Arbalete David makes Laguiole cutlery in the traditional way, folding knives, tableware and specialty items such as the Sabre a Champagne and Sommelier Cork Screw Jean Neron and his daughter Catherine make over 400 utilitarian Laguiole products, some of which are dish washer safe, ideal for bistro's and restaurants, or for more daily use at home; A perfect gift.